Le Rug- Birth Control

Here is the brooding and nihilistic new Le Rug single, Birth Control

Ray's desire to exit this world bubbles beneath the song's quick strumming and billowing rhythms as he infectiously sings his positive worldview: "I believe in birth control because the world is already full and everyone wants to die."

I recommend throwing this song on during Thanksgiving dinner with the fam. 

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NEAT- I Don't Want To Be Your Dad (Video)

NEAT are a group of slackers from Lafayette, Louisiana with an affinity for fun, fuzzed out rock that teeters between punk and alternative. We introduced you to them via their fantastic Extended Power Play EP they release earlier this year, but now you can get the first taste of their forthcoming album by watching the brand new video for "I Don't Want To Be Your Dad".

This infectious fuzz-pop burner shows NEAT refining their sound by wiping away the lo-fi dust and polishing up their melodies, building upon music I thought couldn't get any catchier. 

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Subsets- twothousandfourteen EP

Subsets are a Cincinnati punk foursome that sounds like Night Birds meets 80s West Coast punk. Their latest EP is a collection of songs recorded in 2014, hence the album's title. 

Full of fuzz, feedback, aggressive vocals, and and pounding rhythms that fills up your headphones, twothousandfourteen is an old school punk album that resists modern cliches and drives recklessly down memory lane. 

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Le Rug- Dipshit

Le Rug is the ongoing project of Brooklyn-based singer/guitarist, Ray Weiss (Butter the Children, Medics [US]). After numerous trials and tribulations experienced in early adulthood and with one of his first bands, Ray found his way into a psych ward. This rough patch inspired him to funnel his pent up energy and emotions into a new musical project, which eventually blossomed into the magnetic, unrestrained sounds of Le Rug.

So far 2014 has been a rough ride for Weiss: the break up of Butter the Children, a broken engagement, benzo weening, bi polar wrestling, hanging up on suicide hotlines, back and forth trips to Bangkok, and now homelessness. Before returning to NYC this past month, Ray somehow recorded a new Le Rugalbum (which he says is the last) entitled Swelling (My Own Worst Anime). Entirely played, produced, and mixed by Weiss himself, Swelling is an intense and debased record full of death, cynicism, and heartbreak.

The second single from the album is the self-deprecating Dipshit. Fueled by Le Rug's signature frenetic pace, Weiss waxes poetic about being a loser and everyone knowing it.

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Criminal Hygiene- Turpentine

Wiping away the grit and grime heard on their CRMNL HYGNE LP, Los Angeles based Criminal Hygiene return with the fine and refined Turpentine set to release on 7" vinyl via New Professor Music in January of 2015. 

Turpentine bleeds sunshine as upbeat acoustic strums dance around snappy bass lines and buttery pop vocals...but not so fast. Once two minutes blow past, CH amp things up, pull up their garage rock roots, and hit us in the head with rapid-fire drumming and snaking guitars before finishing it off. 

This might be their best song yet. 

In other good news, New Professor is ALSO set to re-release their aforementioned 2013 debut LP in January as well. 

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California X- Nights in the Dark

Two years after their self-titled debut on Don Giovanni Records, California X delivers Nights in the Dark, once again bearing the imprint of sound engineer Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Speedy Ortiz). The guitar-drenched sound of their debut finds solace in a heavy, lush, and melodic home with the addition of Zack Brower on guitar and Cole Lanier on drums. Amongst songs furnished with prominent guitar leads and power pop hooks, California X offers a moodier, more textured, but instinctively catchy experience. Nights shows off a musical and lyrical maturity for the band, exploring ideas of darkness and longing.


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