A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89 (Free 12 Disc Compilation)

An awesome homemade collection of female fronted punk that I accidentally stumbled across. I haven't listened to it all yet, but I've heard some great songs from it. Info and downloads below. 

This is a pretty insane project put together by my pal Vince B. from San Francisco a few years back. As the title indicates, this is a homemade 12 x CD-R (!) compilation of punk bands fronted by female vocalists from 1977 to 1989. More like a giant mixtape than a compilation, as he only made 36 copies which he sent to friends and people who submitted material. You may notice that some of the bands didn’t have a steady female vocalist (The Lewd, etc.) but he still included songs that were sung by another member of the band. This is as international as it gets, with stuff ranging from world famous Blondie or Crass to the most obscure Eastern European cassette compilation veterans. The box set came packaged in a hand numbered fancy translucent lunchbox enclosing all 12 CD-Rs, a stack of full-colored cards featuring comprehensive track list and artwork/info, as well as a manga pin-up figure! Talk about a labor of love.
Read more for track listings and download links!

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Wrong Body- Sell Me This Pen + Somebody's Coming

Boston-birthed foursome Wrong Body dropped a BIG debut album that has somehow flown under the radar. The lack of attention and the fact that it's their debut will shock you as soon as you dive in and hear Andy Szymcik (guitar/vocals), Bryan Mastergeorge (guitar/backup vocals), Steve Delany (drums), and Jonathan Hislop (bass) colliding seamlessly over ten tracks that ooze seasoned maturity and an admiration for 90s DC post-hardcore.

Besides beautifully layered guitars and Szymcik's made-for-rock vocals, my favorite thing about Wrong Body is the way they morph from quick, crunchy grunge shreds to slow, moody riffing, and back again. Their slow and quiet to active and aggressive dynamics build strong tension and keep your ears perked while waiting for the next detour. The lead off track "Sell Me This Pen" spotlights the former with Szymcik brandishing a buttery lung with multi-octave range over layers of coiling guitar bends and charred chords. "Somebody's Coming" shows the former with slow and naked crooning over slight noodling that continually zig-zags through driving guitars and body nodding rhythms. 

BIG is intense and urgent but well executed and melodic. A dark horse ready to gallop into everyone's end of the year lists.

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Vulture Shit Live on Serious Business (Video)

Brooklyn noise punk trio Vulture Shit pack a lot of power for a band without guitars. Their songs are zooted on buzz-saw bass scuzz and abrasive drumming that hack away at your ear wax like ice picks. 

Fresh off the release of their The Joys of Employment 7", the two Mikes and Randy sat down and cracked some jokes with Serious Business and then played "Area Dads" from their 2012 album, I Love the Way He Touches His Computer. 

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Weak Nerves- Glazed + Vent

Weak Nerves haven't put out anything weak yet. 

The UK grunge trio first caught our attention with their stellar debut digi 7" and continue to shell out top notch scuzz-pop. Their new Self Esteem EP picks up where the 7" left off but finds the band with a more mature and turned up sound containing heavier riffs, pedal-morphed scrapes, primitive drums, and grunge vocals that adapt to any type of mood.

My two favorite tracks from the new EP are "Glazed" and "Vent," which are both overblown with beautiful, boosted scuzz and distorted riffs that accent lead singer Sean Keane's hard-bitten vocals perfectly. 

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VLMA- Slime

The a-side of VLMA's Broken Teeth EP showed that the Baltimore-birthed trio like to mold scuzzy guitar riffs, merciless drumming, and throaty yet melodic vocals into dirty punk anthems. The b-side of the EP showed a similar ethos, but revealed a more comfortable VLMA who expanded their riffs and instrumental breakdowns while flexing even stronger melodies than before (listen to "Feel Myself" below). If those two doses of their DIY rock didn't make you a believer, give their latest song "Slime" a spin.

"Slime" snakes around surf and modern-day-garage rock sounds while still highlighting VLMA's signature sound of fuzz-blown guitars and reverberated earworm melodies that sticks to your memory like spank bank material.

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Ted Nguyent- My Body Is A Temple of Doom Video + Don't Vote Vinyl Pre-Order

I immediately had a Brett Rambo reaction to Philly trio Ted Nguyent releasing their latest album, Don't Vote, on vinyl. It's one of the top records released so far this year and deserves your ears if you haven't already given them up. Set to release in June, Don't Vote will be released by Ranch Records and will be available to pre-order this coming Friday (April 18th) via their web store.

The press release contains good nuggets worth copy/pasting, so read up after you soak up a blurb from our early-adoptive review in January. 
...full of jittery, guitar-driven punk that never lets up on the gas pedal. For a band that's only a few years and two releases in, Nguyent sound incredibly seasoned, fueled by an impressive drummer and lead guitarist that dart, weave, and morph like pinballs around thudding bass lines and screechy yet infectious wails.
Press Release: The Philadelphia-based group wrote and recorded the album in the city. Drummer Travis Arterburn, who also recorded and mixed the album, says the city and its vibrant punk community helped them make a more cohesive and exciting record.

“Philly is bursting with great DIY bands right now, but it’s still a weird place that doesn’t get a ton of respect. I think maybe that just makes bands want to go harder.” Ted Nguyent’s ode to the Philadelphia Parking Commission, “The PPA Took My Baby Away,” is also perfect encapsulation of their approach to punk: jagged pop riffs balanced by solid grooves, with a healthy derision for taking anything too seriously.

Recent shows with Baltimore’s Roomrunner, Toronto heavies Greys, and singer/songwriter Kevin Devine – as well as Philly’s own underdog shredders Glocca Morra and KIDS – have boosted Ted to must-see status. Arterburn says, “Kian and Mike and I try to reach a Minutemen-esque level when we play, except more like if D. Boon was on Ritalin and cough syrup at the same time, and Mike Watt only wore busted old flip-flops, and George Hurley never ever cut his hair.”

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Geronimo!- 1000 Realities

1000 Realities is the second look into Geronimo!'s forthcoming album, Cheap Trick (May 13th, Exploding in Sound Records). 

It isn't as brash and in-your-face as Mr. President, but a heavy supply of flawless, morphing guitar tones remain while the band serves up a fresh take on 90s fuzz punk. If the infectious “I’m just a palm tree swayin’ in a hurricane” hook doesn't get you, just wait until the song takes a sharp left into swirling squalls and shouts of “It’s hard to see the future” before Kelly Johnson manipulates his guitar into spurting out dizzying electronic-like signals.

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