Moon- One Thousand Natural Shocks + Meridian

Moon, a Halifax-birthed five-piece art-rock outfit, might have slipped under your radar because they committed the "faux pas" of releasing their album two days before Christmas, but their self-titled is worth your attention. 

Combining odd speak-sung vocals, schizoid keys, and brilliantly placed flute trills of flautist Jamie Forsythe aka Flute Skywalker, Moon create a galaxy of complex noise against slow, steady beats and unpredictable melodies. Krautrock meets post-punk meets virulent indie-pop.

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Calypso- Isn't Now

Calypso is an Asheville, North Carolina trio who caught my ear with their prickly psych-punk single, Isn't Now, from their upcoming Oracle EP set to release January 27th via French label Atelier Ciseaux on cassette.

Samantha Richman's blurry vocals swirl nicely under fuzzy strums and snappy drums giving off an ethereal flower child aura before it's interrupted by stabs of bendy post-punk guitars. 

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Rye Pines- Atlantic Ascent

Atlantic Ascent is the short but sweet introduction to Rye Pines' forthcoming album, Dead Ocean, due out February 17th on Bob Records.

This literal and musical liftoff paints a vivid picture of the bitter cold North East coast with its grey gulls, frozen beach, and bitter breeze while a man contemplates disappearing into the vastness of the great grey Atlantic. Edward Maguire's biting vocals will redden your ears like quick swirls of ocean wind and are a perfect compliment to Rye Pines' emotive poetry. 

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Never Young- Like A Version

Never Young's latest track, Like A Version, begins with a flurry of digital shards that had me thinking they were going towards the more experimental-elextronic-Yvette side of noise rock, but it was just a tease as the mood morphed back to their murky punk meets jagged pop ethos heard on one of our top cassettes of last year.

With the help of Jack Shirley (Whirr, Happy Diving, Deafheaven) in the studio, Never Young's sound is "fleshed out and fully realized" on their forthcoming self-titled EP: the gusts of fuzz hit harder, the vocals are more anthemic, and the rhythms have more bite.

This first taste of the new EP ((March 10th via Father/Daughter) is so good we wish we were talking about a full-length. 

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Closed Mouths- S/T (Free Album)

In 2013, Chicago punk band Wide Angles splintered into three bands you should keep your ear on: bassist and engineer Joe Gac now with Meat Wave, guitarist Justin Gutierrez plays in the 90s-worshipping Post Child, and the other half of Wide Angles, singer and guitarist Chris Gottlieb and drummer Pat Barry, formed one my favorite new bands, Closed Mouths.

Aggressive and muscular guitar tones meet melody and a synth-fueled bottom end on Closed Mouths' self-titled debut. The guitars and vocals bring to mind a more punk/post-punk version of Jawbox; loose and purposely haphazard bursts of noise bridging with Chris Gottlieb's emotive lungs made up of borrowed parts from 90s post-hardcore stalwarts. 

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Solids- Off White (Video)

Montreal's Solids pull at your heartstrings with a video about the trials and tribulations of a boy with lobster hands. 

Off White is off the duo's stellar 2014 record, Blame Confusion, which was one of our top 10 albums of the year.

Relive the bittersweet triumphs of your youth with Lobster Boy in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, and see where you can catch them on tour in the US below:

02/18/15 - The Quad, Grand Rapids, MI
02/19/15 - The Rockery, Detroit, MI w/ The Idiot Kids, My Pal Val
02/20/15 - Louie's Back Room, Kalamazoo, MI
02/21/15 - Two Piece Festival, Chicago, IL
02/22/15 - Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee, MI w/ Tenement
02/23/15 - Carabar, Columbus, OH
02/24/15 - The Sickhouse, Pittsburgh, PA
02/25/15 - Palisades, Brooklyn, NY w/ Pile
02/26/15 - Cake Shop, New York, NY w/ Cutters

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