Video: Mumblr- ITAUATT (I Think About u All The Time) + Full of Snakes Stream

It'sssssssss heeeeerrrrrrrre! 

Mumblr's debut full length album, Full of Snakes, is ready to slither all up in your insides and make you feel things. 

On top of being able to hear the album in full, Mumblr has dropped an odd yet hilarious video for their repetitive yet infectious track, ITAUATT (I Think About u All The Time). Directed by their tall friend Hannah Hamilton, the video features all four members mouthing the words, dancing, doing silly shit, and then coming together at the very end to give you a grand finale like only Mumblr can.

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Melkbelly- Doomspringa

The band wooed new label Automatic Recordings to make their inaugural release the foursome's debut LP Pennsylvania, laced with a chaotic yet accessible trash rock sound fueled by quick punk drumming, dirty riffs, and lead singer Miranda Stokes' saccharine shrill.

The first taste from the record is "Doomspringa," a jarring post-punk cut featuring quick drumming and darting guitar shrieks glazed in Stokes' sugary vocals.

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Album of the Week: Dead Soft- S/T

Vancouver's Dead Soft caught my attention with their 2013 EP Teen Fiction, but they floored me with their latest self-titled album. 

Their fuzz-pop ethos remains but emits a more focused, mature, and meaty sound this time around. Heavier, pedal-fueled grunge guitars provide a perfect foundation for lead singer Nathaniel Epp's sweet yet gravely vocals while subtle background vocals from bassist Keeley Rochon adds a special balance to the music. The harmonies and pop undertones are still present from their last EP; however, it's a moodier and more grown up all-around. 

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Flesh World- S/T LP

On their debut LP, San Francisco, CA’s Flesh World play ice-soaked punk rock led by dark and infectious guitar flourishes and a just-under-the-surface pop sensibility that makes each song an immediate stand out track. 

Featuring band members who are all veterans of the DIY punk scene — from bands including Limp Wrist, Brilliant Colors, Needles, and more — Flesh World brings influences from a host of punk sub-genres together, calling to mind the tense moodiness of classic British post punk, the sneer of the 1977 school, and just a hint of C86 flourish and feedback. Most importantly, this LP includes six hopelessly catchy songs that will work their way into your skull like an infection without a cure.

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Giggly Boys- . (Free EP)

Bushwick-based post-punk foursome Giggly Boys made a name for themselves earlier this summer with their debut EP entitled ..

Full of grinding guitar scuzz, primitive drumming, and moody vocals, Giggly Boys' EP is abrasive yet alluring as 80s goth, post-punk, and Protomartyr-esque sounds circle around the lead singer's reckless stop-start barks. The EP as a whole is a grower, but "Sick Joke" is a scorcher that will immediately grab your ear. 

Supposedly this band was just for shits and giggles-- hence the name-- but I'm hoping they continue to fuck around. Punk without pretense is always needed and appreciated.

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