Bluffing LIVE on Serious Business

Bluffing doesn't mess around. Established in Brooklyn in March 2012 with the singular mission of crafting concise hits under two minutes, they're set to make their pop and punk heroes proud. Check them out here, but pay close attention or risk missing something awesome: the songs are over almost as soon as they start!

Featured songs: "Sheltered" / "Mind Over Mood"

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Cool Runnings- I Hate It Here EP (Free Download)

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its punk rock time. COOL RUNNINGS!

With odes to white girls and getting stoned, New Zealand garage punk outfit Cool Runnings execute perfect, no frills slacker punk with a grunge edge. Suburban skate kids across the seas now have a soundtrack to drink stolen beer and smoke their parents' cigarettes to, which I'm sure makes CR proud as fuck.

Blister, Stoned Tonite, and John Candy are the highlights, but the entire EP is solid front to back like Jon Turteltaub's '93 winter classic these guys swiped their name from.

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TeeTahs- Buzzkill

Edmonton's TeeTahs are a mostly-female punk band adept at whipping up authentic pop gems. 

Bloated with fast, crisp, and highly infectious cuts under two and a half minutes, TeeTahs' debut album Buzzkill is a must listen summer release that pays homage to punk's past with a present, progressive twist. Shades of proto, post, and riot grrrl pop in and out of their songs, giving me heavy Bratmobile meets The (ska-less) Slits vibes. It's the type of pop-laced punk that would've killed in the early 80s, but still holds strong now; Familiar yet refreshing. 

Grab it for $5 here.

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Broncho- Class Historian

Oklahoma-bred garage pop trio BRONCHO made the feel good hit of the summer with, Class Historian, the addicting lead single from their forthcoming record, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, set to release September 16th via Dine Alone Records.

Sandwiched in between the doodoodoodoodoodoodoodooduhduhduhduhduhduhduh's sits this bright and quirky pop jam with a retro feel to the vocals. Think Rick Ocasek meets The Strokes.

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Aeroplane Flies High- Honey EP

Liverpool grunge power trio Aeroplane Flies High wear their influences on their sleeves. Named after one of my favorite b-sides from The Smashing Pumpkins, the band combines distorted fuzz, pounding drums, and husky yet harmonious vocals to produce a revitalized alternative rock sound.

Their latest EP, Honey, builds on the sound they unveiled on their debut song, Blossom: gut jiggling, homemade pedal-fueled fuzz that sounds like Foo Fighters' rock-outs covered in basement dust. 

Buy digi here // stream in full below:

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Wild Balbina- Sisters Before Misters 10"

Wild Balbina is a 4-piece garage/fuzz pop group from Vigo, Spain that just released a helluva 10" on Elefant Records. Building off their signature youthful energy, Sisters Before Misters journeys through garage pop, Riot Grrrl, and surf while incorporating influences like NME’s C86 and the recent west coast sound.

Their wildly magnetic melodies ride the reverb and distortion and the short-but-sweet song structures make playing the album over and over feel like second nature.

Grab the digi

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Crosss- Spectre

I've been sitting on this track for a couple of weeks now (busy) but have been playing it every day since discovering it. 

Crosss is a trio from Halifax that mash elements of grunge and metal to create a moody sound loaded with dirty, driving guitars. Spectre is from their recent split 7" with New Brunswick psych-punks Astral Gunk via Pleasence Records, and immediately hooked me in with its guitar crunch and spooky yet melodic vocals. Compared to the rough-around-the edges tracks on their debut album Obsidian Spectre, this single shows off a tighter and more accessible sound that a lot of people are going to dig.

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