Doubting Thomas Cruise Control- Fidget

NYC four-piece Doubting Thomas Cruise Control's latest Jailface EP was birthed in the same recording sessions as the stellar Appleton On. Jailface, the b-side on their forthcoming split with Slushies, is full of dusty lo-fi dirges and half-baked fuzz rock reminiscent of Sebadoh's early tapes.

The first taste from DTCC's side is the slow-burning "Fidget" where lead singer Bobby Cardos describes the beginnings of a panic attack before the band bursts into crackling flames brightened by agitated guitar squeals.

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Post Child- Brain In Two

Chicago's Post Child keeps churning out feel good nu-grunge/fuzz pop hits that stick, which is why I said towards the end of last year that they'd be a band to keep your ear on in 2014.

Their latest infectious cut is the punchy Brain in Two; a pleasant two minute romp through simple yet effective fuzz chords and woo-ooo-ooohs.

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Fleeting Youth Records & r/cassetteculture- Blooming (A Fuzz-Fucked Compilation)

33 tracks. 33 bands (US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Netherlands). 90+ minutes of pure fuzz-rock bliss. This is Blooming-- the latest compilation from Fleeting Youth Records. 

IMPOSE said: "Blooming (A Fuzz-Fucked Compilation w. r/cassetteculture) crosses genres with the love of tightly wound magnetic tape and scuzzy guitar sounds. From Lurve’s anthemic scuzz rock to Post Child’s buzzy west coast garage vibes, Vomitface’s neo-grunge and Chat Log’s neck-breaking basement punk, there’s a lot of genuine and powerful songs that make this comp hard not to go back to."

Grab a digital or cassette copy here. 

Full stream below!

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"Slime" snakes around surf and modern-day-garage rock sounds while still highlighting VLMA's signature sound of fuzz-blown guitars and reverberated earworm melodies that sticks to your memory like spank bank material.

Pre-Order Here

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Teribal Anamal- New Creature (Free Album)

Brooklyn trio Teribal Anamal put out a highly infectious debut album out earlier this year called New Creature. Over 8 cuts, garage rock, post-punk, punk, and new wave elements collide while Jay Reatard/Oblivions-esque vocals lure you in and fill your head with ear worms. 

I've been playing it over and over.

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Two Inch Astronaut- Part of Your Scene

Someone: "Who is your favorite EIS band? Pile? Ovlov?"

Me: Two Inch Astronaut.

Someone: "Ahhh. They're good. Why, though?



Foulbrood is due out November 25th, 2014 via Exploding In Sound Records.

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