Mumblr- Roach

Here is the second single from Mumblr's forthcoming debut full-length album, Full of Snakes.

"Roach" is about lead singer Nick Morrison’s fear of passing on his worst traits to his future children. His anxiety is reflected in the slow building rhythms provided by bassist Sean Reilly and drummer Scott Stitzer which eventually build into a quick pulse and then expel into stream of fuzzy, agitated guitars while Morrison croons the chorus: “Our spirits don’t fit in the ground, they just get carried around/ Until I pass my sins down.”

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Happy Diving- Weird Dream

Feedback morphs into feel good fuzz riffage on "Weird Dream" as Happy Diving builds upon the strong sounds from their self-titled EP and prepares their debut album, Big World, out October 21st on Father/Daughter Records.

Through pounding rhythms and sludgy chords, Matt Barry's hazy lungs croon “wake me up, I’ve been asleep for too long, it’s been a while since I saw the sun,” which sounds to me like he got lost in a deep dream or a bout with depression. Whatever the case may be, Happy Diving's dreams sure do turn into sweet realities.

Pre-Order Vinyl (3 variants)

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Mumblr- Philadelphia + Cassette Pre-Order

Photo: Peter Murray

After numerous EPs, splits, and random DIY recordings, Philadelphia-based foursome Mumblr are ready to bare it all on their first full-length album, Full of Snakes, due out September 16th via Fleeting Youth Records.

Full of Snakes is a phrase drummer Scott Stitzer made up to describe how he felt after a night of hard drinking, but when you hear the subjects lead singer Nick Morrison tackles throughout the album, it could easily describe the struggles, inner demons, anxieties, fears, and confused emotions coiling through his mind while transitioning from youth to adulthood. Every song is a cathartic release of emotion as Morrison reflects on the loss of innocence, race, relationships, self-esteem, and the fight against growing up over fuzz-fueled guitars and powerful rhythms. 

The first song from the album is "Philadelphia," a portrait of the city they live in and love.

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Habits- All the Figures (Video)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Buzzfeed list for an announcement from the inner-galactic depths and thumping pulse of cosmic desires in a brief and calculated sneeze of astromaniacal discharge as HABITS opens up and bears it all in this new video for “All the Figures” from his 2014 album, Unselves in Arrival. 

Strap in for a lofi-psychedelic journey through an otherworldly multiverse where belly dancers, bodybuilders, felines, one-percenters, and a very determined grizzly bear sift their way through a complex fog of nonsensical transmissions on a quest for new and divine perspectives. Find out how this wild group of misfits learns to break free from the shackles of doubt to find each other, themselves, and the true meaning of friendship.

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Flagland LIVE on Serious Business

As soon as a Flagland song starts, there's a panicked, anxious energy that bubbles up -- probably related to the lineage of the music. The 90s influence is alive and well here in the trio of Kerry Kallberg, Dan Francia, and Nick Dooley, from thrashing Nirvana-isms to poppy Weezer-ish melodies. They stopped by to tear it up in the studio and have some chit chat with Travis.

Featured song: "Awesome Song Kerry Jan"

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Zeahorse- Pool

Citing Electric Wizard, Slint, and The Jesus Lizard as influences, Australian psych-gaze trio Zeahorse combine surreal psych swirls with a powerful undercurrent of grungy guitar noise. The bands first single, "Pool," is a bruising introduction to the band and their forthcoming debut album set to release September 2nd on HUB / Dine Alone Records, and is a refreshing take on Australian psych that has been dominated by Tame Impala and their imitators over the years. 

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LVL UP- Soft Power

New York foursome LVL UP are set to drop their sophomore album, Hoodwink’d, on September 23rd via Exploding In Sound and frontman Dave Benton’s Double Double Whammy imprint. 

On the first single "Soft Power," LVL UP seems to have wiped the lo-fi guitar grit from their past songs and brought the vocals up front and center. Their astute pop sensibilities remain their backbone as fuzz-fused riffs and arching notes create a moody atmosphere around Benton's deadpan vocals. 

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