Fleeting Youth Records & r/cassetteculture- Blooming (A Fuzz-Fucked Compilation)

33 tracks. 33 bands (US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Netherlands). 90+ minutes of pure fuzz-rock bliss. This is Blooming-- the latest compilation from Fleeting Youth Records. 

IMPOSE said: "Blooming (A Fuzz-Fucked Compilation w. r/cassetteculture) crosses genres with the love of tightly wound magnetic tape and scuzzy guitar sounds. From Lurve’s anthemic scuzz rock to Post Child’s buzzy west coast garage vibes, Vomitface’s neo-grunge and Chat Log’s neck-breaking basement punk, there’s a lot of genuine and powerful songs that make this comp hard not to go back to."

Grab a digital or cassette copy here. 

Full stream below!

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"Slime" snakes around surf and modern-day-garage rock sounds while still highlighting VLMA's signature sound of fuzz-blown guitars and reverberated earworm melodies that sticks to your memory like spank bank material.

Pre-Order Here

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Teribal Anamal- New Creature (Free Album)

Brooklyn trio Teribal Anamal put out a highly infectious debut album out earlier this year called New Creature. Over 8 cuts, garage rock, post-punk, punk, and new wave elements collide while Jay Reatard/Oblivions-esque vocals lure you in and fill your head with ear worms. 

I've been playing it over and over.

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Two Inch Astronaut- Part of Your Scene

Someone: "Who is your favorite EIS band? Pile? Ovlov?"

Me: Two Inch Astronaut.

Someone: "Ahhh. They're good. Why, though?


Someone: http://smartactors.com/wp-content/uploads/old/now%20i%20get%20it.gif

Foulbrood is due out November 25th, 2014 via Exploding In Sound Records.

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Cull- Magi Fuel

Sydney, Australia-based psych-gaze outfit Cull is back with another powerful song full of cosmic noise. 

Magi Fuel shies away from the hazy, shoegaze sound featured in last year's Bà Nội EP while finding solace in neo-psych-pop arrangements and gargantuan drum and bass-bloated grooves. It's a song that shows a band ready to breakout from under the loft bed to sit atop festival stages. 

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LA Font- Bright Red Flame

Combining arching guitars, infectious arrangements, danceable bass lines, and lead singer Danny Bobbe's distinct vocals, Los Angeles-based foursome LA Font craft intriguing pop songs that stick to the brain.

The most recent taste of their upcoming 2-on-1 cassette release (featuring their first two full length albums, The American Leagues and Diving Man) is the rollicking "Bright Red Flame," a song full of pulsing rhythms and "jangly, fret-sliding, string-bending guitars blasting full-steam ahead."

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