Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dead Gaze- I Found the Ending

Dead Gaze is the monicker Northern Mississippi DIY rocker Cole Furlow uses when releasing his lo-fi slack-pop musings to the masses. Since 2009, Furlow has been making music with a group of like-minded outcasts at a homemade venue and dude ranch. Their musical cult, known as Cats Purring Collective, have picked up a lot of media steam lately, mostly due to the strength of Furlow's oddly addicting bedroom reverberations.

Thanks to Fat Cat Records, Dead Gaze's back catalog will come to life in the release of a self-titled compilation that brings together highlights from the extensive and out of print vault. The vinyl will be released on May 21st

Check out what will probably end up being my jam of the week in I Found the Ending, a song that captures Dead Gaze's signature vocal echo effects and slacker pop sensibilities perfectly. 

If you "like" Dead Gaze on Facebook, you receive a free download of this song as a gift.