Friday, February 8, 2013

Body Cheetah- Ten Thousand Thunders (Free Album)

There's something about Body Cheetah.

At first, his quirky falsetto purrs sent my eyebrows into a WTF-twist but, after letting Ten Thousand Thunders burn down to its core, the raw, syrupy tone began to make sense. His brooding bedroom beats that bounce in and out of hip hop and downtempo accent his off-kilter delivery well, especially when he peppers the landscape with buds of trippy samples and crackpot synths.

Body Cheetah's drug-glazed, psychedelic style will challenge any pre-conceived notions about R&B and its many offshoots, but it's the good kind of challenge where new dimensions in listening are opened. Listening to Ten Thousand Thunders is a lot like taking psychedelics. When it first hits you there is an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness and confusion, but when it makes its way through your body and melts into your mind: magic.

It might take awhile, but let it drip.