Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dune Rats- Red Light Green Light (Video)

Thanks to the good people at Everybody Taste, I've discovered Australia's Dune Rats and witnessed the raucous duo have a two minute long bong race to one of the catchiest songs of the year (Red Light Green Light- above video). For those looking for a steady stream of slacker sloshed songs with a youthful stoner swing-- look no further-- because the Wayne and Garth of garage pop got you covered.

Danny Beusa and BC Michaels are back in the US for a quick tour starting this wednesday in San Jose, California and end their crusade in NYC at the end of the month. Check out two older tracks below and hit the flip side to see if they are hot boxing your town.

Free Download: Dune Rats- Wooo! (right click and save as)

Fuck it

Read more for tour dates.