Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feedback- Major Urges (Free Album)

It's always interesting to see what happens when a musician separates from their band to create their first solo project. Secluded from collaborated ideas, mashed influences, and the tug and pull of creative cooperation, the newly birthed solo artist rises with a clean slate and the ability to create whatever they damn well please.

Feedback is the name of the first solo side project of Benjamin Evans, front man of Arkansas punk rock outfit A+ Setup for eight years and the current bassist of garage rock outfit Pagiins, and is an amalgamation of styles and influences from garage punk to pop to 60's surf and blown-out fuzz rock. With no other bandmates to brainstorm with, Feedback bleeds freedom and smears the boundaries of genre as Evans toys with his own personal musical influences, guilty pleasures, and experiences.

Major Urges is schizophrenic and listens like a compilation album of everything Evans has been inspired by musically. Bloody Pockets is a catchy indie rock track that belongs on an EA Sports video game soundtrack; Fur is a fuzzy explosion of guitars, distorted stabs of Vox Continental-like keys, and whirling psych vocals; Gay Marriage, I Think I'm Lost, and A Pack of Lies show off his love for shoulder swaying, hand-clapping, lala-ing pop rock; and songs like Fake DMT and Manglish shed light on his louder, guitar-gashing garage punk roots. The album is all over the place, but there's still a strong synergy that leaves you with a major urge to play it again and again.