Thursday, February 7, 2013

Husk- My Love & Sick Seagull Blues

Husk is a newly formed Auckland trio that blend psychedelic rock with hard-nosed blues and gritty stoner rock influences to form their own modern mind-altering substance. Formed in September 2012, Husk quickly set up shop at Frisbee Studio and have since released two solid singles in My Love and Sick Seagull Blues.

My Love is an addicting bluesy groove that sounds like it came straight from the 70s. The song has notes of Zeppelin and James Gang, minus the refined studio glisten. Lead singer/guitarist Ukiah Brown shines with his highly accessible rock and roll lung and face melting guitar work that begs for repeat listens.

Sick Seagull Blues is less of a vintage nod than My Love, but is still heavily rooted in heavy 70s grooves and psychedelic rock (think Sir Lord Baltimore). Brown laces the track with gravely, modern day stoner rock vocals caked in fuzz while the instrumentation bleeds a more distorted, chaotic, and free color than their first output.

Despite their distinct differences, both tracks are burners and have me real hyped for what Husk has in store in the future.