Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Katie Kim- The Feast

Irish siren Katie Kim's latest album, Cover&Flood, will leave you frozen. Her glacial tone sits solid over a steady flow of haunting loops, experimental drones, and damp reverberations that command attention whether you volunteer it or not. Over twenty tracks, Kim shows her versatility by dipping in and out of downtempo, folk, and shoegaze to provide her own blend of fantasia that sits smoking a cigarette somewhere between PJ Harvey, CocoRosie, and Beth Gibbons.

The two tracks that lured me in were Charlie and The Feast. Both songs feature her vintage dreamy echoes over syrupy percussion and rolling guitar plucks.

Katie Kim's album caught me by surprise in the best way possible. If you dig the artists I mentioned above and like murky midnight sounds, KK is worth your time.

Cover&Flood is now available digitally and on double vinyl.

Download: Katie Kim- The Feast (Right Click, Save As)
Download: Katie Kim- Charlie 
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