Monday, February 25, 2013

Lapland- Where Did It Go?

photo by susan pittard

In 2011, singer-songwriter Josh Mease shut himself in a tiny Brooklyn bedroom, separated from a city bustling with distractions, and created his own expansive utopia where only he and his thoughts ran free. The songs birthed in this period of creative solitude make up his debut self-titled album (March 26th, Hundred Pockets Records) under the monicker of Lapland, a name that explains his vast country of sound that's blanketed in fields of lush folk, pop, psychedelia, and electronic crops.

Feelings of abandonment and loss poke through the earth of the album's first single, Where Did It Go?, as Mease mourns over love that never finds a home. This wistful, introspective tone reigns over the entire record atop a kingdom of keys, glistening acoustic guitars, and layered harmonies.

Lapland is now open for exploring.