Saturday, March 2, 2013

Big Dick- Schoolyard Violence

Big Dick is a drum and bass duo from Ottawa that will force you to make a few awkward google searches if you want more information. Their debut self-titled album is now available via Dirt Cult Records and features a frenetic post-punk sound that wavers in and out of the heavy and melodic. The record packs such a dense and powerful punch that it's hard to picture it emitting from just two people. The backbone of the record is constructed of their signature bulky bass riffs, rabid drumming, and flailing vocals, but the body comes in the form of their progressive and angular noise that's delivered with reckless abandon.

Listen and grab a free download of the lead single Schoolyard Violence, a convulsive yet catchy ride that shows just how penetrating and addicting Big Dick's chaos can get.

Free Download: Big Dick- Schoolyard Violence // Grab a vinyl copy