Sunday, March 24, 2013

Totems- Island

Totems is an emerging Auckland based producer known for his trippy live performances and smoked out landscapes. 2012 was his breakout year after releasing two albums-- the spastic, southern hip hop laced Fort 20 and the blunted and ambient Island. I prefer the latter because it shows a more focused and patient Totems. It's short in length and minimalistic in style, but each track blossoms at the right time and oozes a more relaxed and prudent beauty than the erratic sounds on Fort 20.

My favorite track from the album is easily Overcast featuring Foxtrot's undulating coos and streams of crystalline keys splashing against the song's vibrating vertebrae.

Free Album Download: Totems- Island (Bandcamp) // Mediafire
Totems- Overcast ft. Foxtrot (right click & save as)