Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HUSK- Go Alone

Husk is a newly formed Auckland trio that blend psychedelic rock with hard-nosed blues and gritty stoner rock influences to form their own modern mind-altering substance. Formed in September 2012, Husk quickly set up shop at Frisbee Studio and have since released three solid singles in My Love, Sick Seagull Blues, and Go Alone which was released earlier today.

Go Alone is an amalgamation of Husk's previous singles. It begins with an accessible groove led by lead singer Ukiah Brown's warm vocals (reminiscent of the vibe on My Love) that eventually melts into an outpour of psychedelic riffs and desert rock rhythms (similar to slices of Sick Seagull Blues). It's yet another straight forward, no frills rock and roll release that I can appreciate.