Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lilacs & Champagne- Refractory Period

In 2012, Alex Hall and Emil Amos of Portland post-rock/psychedelic band Grails exchanged their instruments for an Akai MPC, crates of obscure private presses, and a collection of altered sound effects to create new strange and uncanny hip hop-based soundscapes as Lilacs & Champagne. Channeling Madlib's mind on their debut self-titled album, the duo pieced "Polish private press hippie records, indistinguishable radio noise and the chopped and reversed sounds of Jayne Mansfield’s head being decapitated" with other perverse textures to create their own bizarre beat world.

As a follow up, L & C will release Danish & Blue on April 23rd (Mexican Summer), which will be constructed of "sounds sourced from Scandinavian porn and hyper-obscure b-movies from the late '60s." The first taste was Sour/Sweet, a beat that sounds less avant-garde and more Rza-rooted than their previous efforts, and now the second offering, Refractory Period, takes us on a dreamy psychedelic journey on waves of tremolo acoustic guitars and crisp drums.

Pre-order the LP here. Check out the commercial for Danish & Blue below.