Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sungod- Gas is Better Than Gas

Austin, Texas based psychedelic outfit Sungod will melt your face with their fusion of metal, prog, psychedelic rock, and kraut-rock that they relentlessly entangle within walls of ambient noise and elastic synth-laced textures. Their latest release, Contackt, released on cassette with Holodeck Records, features both guitar/synth player Braden Balentine and drummer/guitarist Mike Sharp going into a trance-like state on their respective instruments, as lucid guitar solos and cosmic clouds of synths collide with inspired drums and explode into one grand galaxy. 

The entire album is fantastic all the way through, but the sprawling and celestial Gas is Better Than Gas and Floyd-esque Smell of Physiqal were the standouts. If you got fifteen minutes to spare, check out those two songs above/below and get blown off the stellar “stoner-kraut” smog that one of Austin's finest psych outfits emits.

Smell of Physiqal

Grab the limited edition cassette here.