Wednesday, June 12, 2013

clipping- bout.that (Video)

I've finally caught up with Los Angeles noise rap outfit, clipping, and their most recent album, midcity. People compare them to Death Grips, but they emit a completely different realm of noise. Rather than overwrought shreds of warped sound, overblown drums, and screechy samples, clipping is more about glitchy metallic static, minimalism, and what goes on in between the spaces of sounds. To me, they are more of a stripped down and less spaced out Shabazz Palaces, which is fitting with their recent singing to Sub Pop.

I haven't fully digested the entire album, but I love emcee Daveed Diggs' vocals and delivery. A lot of their production is nails on the chalkboard to my ears, but bout.that has a cool vibe. I also dig what they did on five and mobb2it, but it's more of a "they have potential" release for me.

Grab midcity for free here.