Thursday, June 27, 2013

Skinny Dream- Exhale + Bliss

Southend-on-Sea shoegaze quartet Skinny Dream is a family affair with three brothers and a friend expelling waves of dreamy fuzz. The band released their debut EP Crushing earlier this week that features four cuts glowing with reverb, layered guitars, and slow-burning melodies in the same vein as fellow brits, Ride and Chapterhouse.

Bliss is the opening track and one of the standout songs from the all-around stellar unveiling and matches up nicely with their other addictive single, Exhale, that for some reason missed a spot on the EP. Both songs will give you a proper taste of their sun-drenched brand of shoegaze, which tends to be more expansive and hopeful sounding compared to the narrow gloom of other artists in the genre.