Monday, July 1, 2013

A Grave With No Name- Dig Me Out

A Grave With No Name is essentially the brainchild if singer/guitarist Alex Shields, but is also often a collaborative effort with Anupa Madawela (guitar/bass), Alanna McArdle (vocals) and Akiko Matsuura (drums/vocals). The entire collective will be releasing their new album, Whirlpool, on July 15th via Stare/Lefse. 

Two singles have been released from the highly anticipated LP so far and both have fans of shoegaze and fuzz rock on the edge of their seats. Aurora is laced with Alanna McArdle's (Ides, Joanna Gruesome) mesmerizing vocals that contrast well with the harsher driving bass line and swirling synth stabs, while Dig Me Out starts off Aurora-like with ethereal reverberated vocals and a rumbling bass line, but then expands into waves of strong 90s fuzz guitars.