Monday, July 1, 2013

Cold Warps

I accidentally stumbled upon these guys over the weekend and liked what I heard. They are about to release a new full length on Bruised Tongue, but until they do you can listen to some demos from the album. To get a feel for their sound, I've added their Endless Bummer tape and Slimer 7 inch below, which are both available as a free digital download.

Slimer 7" download

Cold Warps provide "brilliant AM radio power-pop poured through fuzz and played faster and louder. Simple songs, lo-fi production, sparse solos and raw-sugar harmonies. This is not intellectual rock, it's Joey Ramone beating Paul McCartney over the head with songs about science fiction, teenage apathy, and summer love. The fixed link between Halifax and Ottawa, Cold Warps are garage/power-pop at it's whatever-est."