Friday, July 5, 2013

GFG Podcast #3: Weird Summer (May & June)

Here are 24 sweltering tracks (almost 2 hours!) from May & June on GroundFloorGo. This mix is all over the place genre wise-- shoegaze, garage pop, alt-country, punk rock, indie pop. Get weird with it!!!

If you want to catch up with past podcasts, here you go: podcast 1, podcast 2.

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1. Ovlov- Blue Baby
2. Diarrhea Planet- Separations
3. GRMLN- Teenage Rhythm
4. Radiation City- Foreign Bodies
5. A Grave With No Name- Dig Me Out
6. Two Inch Astronaut- Blood From a Loyal Hound
7. Big Bill- Temporarily Happy
8. The Abigails- 29
9. The Zoltars- All My Friends
10. Japanther- Stolen Flowers
11. Secret Colours- Blackhole
12. T. Hardy Morris- OK Corral
13. Typhoon- Dreams of Cannibalism
14. Whatever Brains- Companymen
15. Krill- Never A Joke
16. Sealion- Where Egos Dare
17. Aliment- Holy Slap
18. The Wytches- Digsaw
19. Weed- Set Me Back
20. The Decade Show- Guilty Bystander
21. Andre- Mend
22. Wyatt Blair- Sweet Operator
23. Lurve- Simple Syrup
24. Pedico- You Can't Get Aids