Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Lunchtime Sardine Club- I'm…Jesuschristmaam

Brighton based artist The Lunchtime Sardine Club aka Oliver Newton (Yndi Halda / Bermuda Ern / St. Coltrane) introduces his unique brew of ‘lo-fi psych-folk’ with his debut album Icecapades, on August 12th 2013 via Sonic Anhedonic Recording Co. The album is a collection of short stories, such as the death of a boxer, the sleepy sickness epidemic of the 1920s, the mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers, an old woman’s embalming and murderous distortion.

I'm...Jeuschristmaam hones a sound akin to American artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Bowerbirds. It has a gloomy feel, but not one that lulls you to sleep; instead, the beautifully layered guitars and vocals invigorate your senses. After hearing this single and the teaser below, TLSClub's debut is now one of my most anticipated releases of the summer.

Here is the album teaser video: