Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Velcro Mary- Something In My Eye

Velcro Mary is a one-man band from Charlotte, North Carolina that I discovered a year or so ago. His nod-to-the 90s alternative sound fueled by loud, heavily distorted guitars and subtle pop melodies is what first caught my attention, but his DIY ethic and passion for music locked me in as a fan. That passion, coupled with a good sense of humor, permeates throughout his attitude and prolific library of songs and signature self-made videos. There's a raw, straight from the basement quality to the overall package; however, it's honest, done in earnest, and damn catchy.

Something In My Eye is another loosie single like Smoke (video below) from a forthcoming project that has no set release date. It has an upbeat, power pop feel despite it being about the shitty people in life that help build your emotional walls. The song was made after reading a Details magazine article where Kurt Cobain painted "NONE OF YOU WILL EVER KNOW MY INTENTIONS" on his living room wall mid-interview. After finishing the paragraph, Velcro Mary tucked the magazine away, sneezed, and this is what came out.

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^^ Semi-NSFW^^