Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Champ- Self Titled

The happy accident of the day was finding this gem of a debut album from San Diego garage punk/surf rock outfit, Champ. In the same vein as Cali counterparts Wavves and Criminal Hygiene, Champ play a punchy form of garage rock that's rooted in punk and power pop rather than psych and blues. 

The new album darts around in a drugged out haze in a little over 15 minutes. Champ does a great job of blending different atmospheres musically and the stoned and jaded vibe of the vocals and lyrics mesh well with any mood they roll out. If you're a fan of sun bleached melodies, crunchy guitars, and crisp drumming, Champ serves up a different kind of 'summer album' that's better for night listening as the soundtrack to blunted skating or boozed up cruises down the strip after everyone in the city has already gone home to sleep.

This whole album is the shit, but my favorite cuts can be found above. Full album download below.

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