Friday, August 16, 2013

Pale Angels- Primal Play (Album Stream)

Diggin' this. Grab the digi/LP here.

Swiped from Noisey's premiere:
To hear that Mikey Erg is in a new band is not much of a surprise. The guy has played in every single pop punk band over the last five years. Think that was a joke? Here’s his résumé: the Ergs!, the Measure [sa], the Dopamines, the Unlovables, House Boat, The Slow Death, Worriers, Pity Party, and the Star Fucking Hipsters. He’s probably in your pop punk band right now, whether you realize it or not. But his new project, Pale Angels, is different. 

Pale Angels’ debut album, Primal Play, is out tomorrow and is fuzzier, louder, and grungier than fans of Mikey’s work might expect. The band actually got started when guitarist Mike Santostefano and bassist Jamie Morrison did an impromptu set of Nirvana covers at Fest in Gainesville two years ago. Once they got Mikey on board, the rest was reverberated history. Well, not exactly. Since Jamie lives across the ocean in Wales, the band had to arrange for him to come to New York, write material, practice it for two weeks, and cram it all in to two days of recording. The result is Primal Play.