The Types of Attachments Used in Custom Label Pins

custom pinsCustom label pins have been in fashion since the 18th century. With its present popularity, custom pins quickly became the preferred method of distinguishing a member of an organization. The increasing demand for lapel pins for over the years has resulted to various attachments to the user’s clothing.

Facts about the Different Pin Attachments
Stick Pins and Hat Pins

Basically, hat pins are very common for women. Lapel pins are attached in much the same manner. The identification button is approximately at ninety degrees to the pin, which pierces the lapel and is hidden so no one will notice it. Thus, the stick pin for guys was created. The button became an ID of sorts for the user.

Tie Tacs

Hat pins are popular with women, while tie tacs are for men. The lapel pin attachment soon developed to attach to clothing in the same way as the tie tac. The badge or identification button was designed with a short pin soldered to the back. The pin pierced the cloth, and was secured by a hidden clip. This kind of attachment has been changed so that the attachment is very secure, and maybe is the most widely used attachment.


For many years, magnets have become a popular method of attachment. These susceptible metals are magnetized, and the identification part of the pin is secured magnetically in the cloth with another small magnet. The primary advantage, of course, is that there is no need to pierce the fabric to secure the custom label pins. There are some drawbacks of using these lapel pins though. One is that lapel pin should have a backing that can be magnetized which may limit your options. Then, if the clothing to be worn is too thick, the magnetic part may not be able to hold both sides of the pin together.


Custom label pins, badges or buttons are now considered as a unisex item. Before, these pins are designed for men only, but today women can also wear pins. Men continue to wear their more formal custom lapel pins, basically on their coat lapel. In case the occasion is less formal or not a business event, men usually wear their pins at their shirt collar. Vests and ball caps have become the favorite spot for custom pins that are not as formal. These type of pins are usually less expensive, not associated with a business, and are used to acknowledge everything from branch of military service, sports teams, attractions and places visited.

As compared to men, women are more creative in wearing these custom label pins. They normally wear their pins anywhere, from the jacket lapel to the purse strap. Most of the time, women’s pins are a fashion accessory when representing a group or to recognize an outstanding service.

At present, for a wide population both female and male, the custom lapel pin is an item that is a part of an everyday outfit just like the wristwatch. It does not matter if you wear it on your business suit, ball or purse cap; custom pins have become something that reflects the way a person lives.

Custom label pins have become very popular because of their versatility. In the past, it they’re only used in the military to recognize certain accomplishments. Today, they’re being used to acknowledge effort and success in the corporate world. Such pins also help in determining the members of a specific group or organization. When ordering these pins, do not forget to inform the manufacturer on the kind of attachment you prefer. Do remember though, that the price may vary depending on what you pick.