Humor and Icebreakers as Essential Motivational Speaker Tools

A motivational speaker has a unique personality and brand he sets for himself. While others want to retain their formal and stern image, some speakers prefer integrating humor and icebreakers in their talks.

Humor and icebreakers can make a seminar look informal. However, both have their benefits.

Humor Sends Points Across Faster

Many experts believe that humor exists to make a point in everyone’s daily lives. It is meant to be used as examples supporting a speaker’s point. However, it also sends points faster as people catches up with humor faster than scholarly talks. People like a bit of humor in their daily lives and would understand vital work- and life-related talks easier. Speakers often tell an important truth, but they need to ensure that the audience understands.

Humor Helps Listeners Loosen Up

Ask any employee and there’s a change that he will cringe upon about hearing motivational talks or seminars. The first thing that comes in mind is hours of long, serious talks encouraging them to do their best at work. Many employees, especially those who hate formalities, dread attending these seminars.

A humorous motivational speaker helps listeners loosen up. He believes that a person with aversive reaction to seminars clouds the process of understanding presented points. They may even feel as if they are being scolded. Humor integrated with the talk “loosen” people, allowing them to absorb ideas properly.

People Contribute Better with Humor

Humor also helps the audience contribute to the seminar. Motivational talks involve a two-way communication process. While it’s mainly dominated by the speaker, listeners are encouraged to participate by sharing their opinions, asking questions, and others.

Humor makes the talks more enjoyable and encourage people to share their ideas. More ideas presented in the event promotes discussions that will help everyone. People will feel at ease at the event and will absolutely share their thoughts.

Humor Keeps People Awake

Humor has a component that keeps people awake. A funny motivational speaker not only has gestures that keep people awake, but also stir listeners’ minds as they go through the talk. Humorous talks and funny quips serve to awaken people’s minds, keeping them focused and motivated to listen to the talk. Gone are the days of seeing people sleeping in seminars with their traditional boring nature.

Icebreakers Serve as Useful Breaks

motivationAside from using humor, integrating icebreakers during seminars can be considered as helpful breaks for listeners. Even if the speaker is humorous, listeners’ minds may drift away and still get bored with all the talks done for an hour or two. An icebreaker will serve as a break that keeps people focused on the seminar’s topic.

Icebreakers come in different kinds and serve different goals. However, they are still related to the main theme. Many of these icebreakers are shared online or something the speaker created himself due to his experience in the field. Even if the listeners are taking a break, their mind will stay focused on the seminar’s goals and maximize results in changing their perspectives.

Icebreakers Allow Attendees to be Their Dream People

Many icebreakers include role playing. Participants will be asked to play the company position of their dreams and act their parts accordingly. They will then share their ideas about how they will do the job once they are in the position. The motivational speaker will then set varying scenarios that will test their position and handle challenges posed to their roles. Once the role play is done, the speaker will point out good points and areas for improvement that will help employees in the future upon attaining their dream positions.

Humor and Icebreakers Help People Tap Their Potential

Some people have potential they are not aware of. Others are aware of that potential but feel hesitant to tap into it. With role playing, an individual will have the chance to tap into his potential on a specific position and discover that he might be fit for the job. It will be useful for people who still find themselves stuck in their current careers. Many individuals with this dilemma are often skilled and talented, but they don’t know how to tap into their potential yet for the position. Having a taste of it somehow boosts a person’s confidence on his untapped talent.

Aside from the employee, leaders attending the seminar will also have better ideas about their employees’ talents and potential. They can then consider them for future positions or give them responsibilities that will further tap their potential.

Overall, humor and icebreakers are great motivational speaker tools. Not only do they loosen up listeners, they make the entire seminar more interesting. Both tools are beneficial and encourage employees to attend these events rather than live with their bias against seminars and talks. Companies hiring speakers can inquire about these tools and experience their benefits firsthand.

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