The Badge Lanyards Experiment

When lanyards were first used in France around the 15th century, their purpose was to connect a weapon or a whistle to an officer’s uniform. It served both as a decorative and functional accessory.

Lanyards have slowly become a necessity in modern times for quite a similar purpose. These ensured that small items such as keys or mobile phones would not easily get misplaced. For the corporate world, lanyards have replaced pins and clips.  These serve as a convenient way to display identification or carry around security badges.

Badge lanyards are also a cost effective way to spread word about a company, thus becoming a popular marketing tool. And as with any form of advertisement, the lanyards’ appearance plays a key role in ensuring its effectiveness.

There are various ways to play around with customizing a badge lanyard. Manufacturers now offer a wide array of options to ensure that a company’s or organization’s culture is reflected in the end product.

Truly, lanyards have evolved from being just boring laces or straps around the neck.

Here are some ways to fuse fun with functionality.

1. Showing Your True Colors

The main reason employees and members are asked to wear badge lanyards is to ensure that they can be distinguished from everybody else. However, a lanyard also says a lot about a company or organization. Experimenting with the different colors available help reinforce the image a business wants to project to their market.

Badge LanyardsBright colors such as yellow or orange create a hip and youthful image. It promotes a dynamic business environment that has become a popular choice among companies that are run by young executives. It suggests that the office environment is a balance between work and play. Bright colors are also a common choice for fast food establishments. These colors invite customers to a fast and fun dining environment.

Earth colors such as brown and green promote a company’s or organization’s environmental awareness. These are visual reminders of a cause they encourage their customers to support as well.

Dark or matte colors are an obvious choice for companies or organizations who want to create a more serious image. These colors are preferred by companies that offer a service that they wish to project as dependable and trust worthy. These are usually seen in law firms or government offices.

Whatever image a company or organization wishes to project to their prospective clients, choosing the appropriate color will go a long way.

2. Made for Show!

Although almost similar in appearance, manufacturers offer a variety of fabrics and styles that can be used for a badge lanyard. Choosing the fabric requires more attention and should not be left to a flip of a coin. There are a lot of factors to consider when picking the lanyard style such as budget or the frequency of use. The description below is an overview of the different styles available.

Neck LanyardsTubular lanyards look like wide woven shoelaces and are cheap to produce. It has an interesting texture that also promotes a youthful image. Combined with a bright color and unique prints, a badge lanyard in this style will definitely appeal to a younger environment.

Polyester badge lanyards are sturdy and cost effective as well. These are durable and work well with wear and tear. The print is clearly visible on the surface which makes it a popular choice.

Woven lanyards have a more sophisticated look as the logo or company name is woven into the material as well. This style is very durable as the text is less likely to fade. This clearly is a lanyard built to last.

Nylon lanyards work well as marketing tools as they offer a shinier finish than the other styles. The prints appear bolder to catch more attention. It is also a durable style and can withstand common wear and tear.

Dye sublimated lanyards are probably the most durable lanyards available. The text is imprinted into the material which means that it will look practically brand new for longer time. There would be little worries about the text chipping off or fading.

Badge lanyards are truly more than just office accessories. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help create the perfect lanyard for your business or organization.

Badge Lanyards are understood for having the capacity to secure various lanyards types of things, running from cards and keys to telephones and wallets.